Bitemark Files: Episode 02

Bitemark Files Episode 02 - the crimescene


Case No: 3050.

Date: 4/30/2020

Reporting Officer: Amanda Ripley

Incident: Animal Killing

Detail of Event:

While walking a beat around Northern Park, Amanda Ripley discovered the mauled corpse of a homeless John Doe.

Action Taken:

Officer Ripley has reason to believe that the pet and animal killings that have plagued our city since 2013, have taken a turn for the worse. Based on DNA samples, the same animal responsible for the former killings, is believed to be responsible for attacks on humans dating back to 2020. We are increasing our manpower throughout the city.

Bitemark Files Episode 02 - the crimescene

From Amanda’s Personal Journal:

APRIL 30th
I often walk through the park before my patrol ends. Most nights it’s filled with laughter and music. Tonight, there was a familiar stillness that I know all too well. The kind that’s the harbinger of death. Nearing the end of the park I spotted a homeless man slouched on a bench.
Protocol is to make them move from public spaces like this. I don’t think that’s fair. These public spaces are the last vestige of a normal life for the homeless. As I approached, I noticed he was bleeding. And then I got closer. Blood was pouring from him. I then saw that he was mauled.

Immediately upon entering the scene, I saw the beasts signature claw marks etched into the bench where John Doe was. After 7 or so years, it seems our monster has graduated from killing animals to killing humans.  I’m surprised it waited so long to prey on humans. I believe that shows that the beast has some kind of intelligence. It approached this the way a serial killer would. By harming animals and then moving onto to bigger more dangerous prey. The John Doe had no ID, documents, or remnants of his past life to help us identify him or contact his family.

We haven’t given up on reuniting him with his family though. As I write this, the John Doe is being linked to his family through genetic identification. We have buried his remains in the City Cemetery under the John/Jane Doe grave that contains 6 other unidentified men and women.

The city hired anima patrol to monitor the city alongside the City Police Department. I hope it helps and that the beast is captured before long. With this new course being served on the beasts menu, I truly hope that between animal patrol and the CPD, someone catches this beast to keep our citizens safe.

Bitemark Files Episode 02 - Amanda Ripley

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