Bitemark Files: Episode 01

Bitemark Files - Episode 01 - Crime Scene photo of an animal attack


Case No: 2501.

Date: 1/12/2013

Reporting Officer: Amanda Ripley

Incident: Animal Killing

Detail of Event:

I, Officer Amanda Ripley responded to a 911 call placed by Meredith Walker. When I arrived at 1602 Florence Ave, blood and limbs from the caller’s six pet pit bulls were scattered across the lawn.

From Amanda’s Personal Journal:


It was pouring down raining. What a wonderful way to start this chapter of my life. After six grueling months of police academy, I’m finally an officer. Today was my first day out in the field. I was assigned to the Eastern side of the city. It was quiet there. I should’ve recognized the unsympathetic freezing rain and unsettling silence as the omens they were. Because around 7pm I received a call from dispatch about a dead pet. When I arrived at the location, a shiver ran down my spine. Three 80 LB pit bulls were torn asunder. At first, I thought it was done by a human. Afterall this is the city. There are no wild animals here other than squirrels, birds, and strays. None of them could do what was done to this woman’s pets. Seeing the carnage reminded me of the infamous animal attacks in my hometown. They never found the culprit. But he, she, or it, certainly left an impression on my young imagination. I must’ve been about 12. The internet was still young. But there were sites where you could see forbidden things. Every time there was an animal attack, I rushed to the site to check out the latest photos. I. Saw. Everything. However, my voyeurism ended when my horse was attacked and killed by the animal. I didn’t have to go online to see this one. My horse, her name was Sally. She was ripped in half. Only her lower body remained. There were claw marks from whatever did it. A type that I hadn’t seen before. It didn’t seem like an animal’s marks. It was something else. Sometimes, while I lay in the dark before falling asleep. I picture the claw marks as clear as day. It arouses within me the fear that was present that day.

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